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Kirenia Fernández

She trained in Upper Intermediate Level of Professional Technique Education, specialising in performance, in the Advanced College of Art in La Habana, where she also trained as a dancer of contemporary dance.

Her first experience as a dancer was gained with the pieces: Si no fuera por ti (If it Were Not for You) and Ausencia (Absence), in the National Theatre of Cuba (1999).

In 2000 she did a tour of France, Italy and Spain with El Viaje (The Journey), a tour that also took her to the Agustín Lara Festival in Mexico.

In 2001 she participated in the International Dance Festival in Urban Landscapes in La Habana.

In 2002 she was in the Dance Biennial in Lyon with Solamente una vez (Just Once) and Rosas y herencias (Roses and Inheritance).

In 2003 she participated in the festivals Italic Dance (Sevilla) and Women in Dance (Ecuador).

In 2004 she formed part of the Sagrada Familia Cultural Dance Project in Pisa (Italy) and in 2005 of the Calviá Choreographic Competition, Mallorca.

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