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Iván Villar

He studied classical dance in the school El Taller and contemporary dance in Pasos. Moreover he has also received classes in Galician-contemporary dance fusion and in Galician folklore in the Breogán Dance School.

Between 1998 and 2005 he was a dancer in the Rey de Viana Galician Ballet, and in the latter year went on to become a dancer in the Palacio de la Ópera (Opera House) in A Coruña with the Zarzuela (Spanish light opera) Xigantes e cabezudos (Giants and carnival figures with enormous heads).

From 2001 to 2003 he gave classes in Traditional Dance in the University of A Coruña and up until 2005 he was a teacher of traditional dance in the Falcatrueiros School of Dance in Monterroso. It was in the traditional discipline moreover that Iván obtained the first prizes in the Día da Muiñeira (Day of the Muiñeira) Competition in Cee and Folkloric Associations in Negreira.

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