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Alexis Fernández

He is a teacher who graduated from the National School of Arts in Cuba and he has an extensive career as a dancer. In 1994 he was the guest dancer in the New Ballet of France and the following year he went on to join the Contemporary Dance Company of Cuba, of which he formed part until 1999.

In 2000 Alexis formed part of the Ecuadorian Chamber Ballet and, until 2003, of the Dance-Theatre Group in Cuba. In 2004 he came to A Coruña and went on to form part of ExperimentaDanza and in 2006 he went on to become a member of the Damián Muñoz Dance Company.

During these years Alexis Fernández has received a good number of awards, amongst which: 1st Prize in Male Performance in the Provincial Dance Festival in Cuba in 1998; 1st Prize in the National School of Dance Choreographic Competition in La Habana (1998); 1st Prize in the UNEAC Competition (1992); the Brazil Bento Dance Award on three occasions (1993, 1995 and 1997). In 2000 he received 1st Prize in the Wings of Dance Festival in Quito (Ecuador) and in 2005 the Calvia Dance Choreographic Award, in the lead dancer category.

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