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Jordi Vilaseca Lorite

He graduated from the Professional Dance Conservatory (The Institute of Theatre) in Barcelona in 2002. He has had classes with: Bárbara Kasprowich, Mauro Galindo, Elena Barcheva, Marta Munsó, José María Escudero, Keith Morino, Avelina Argüelles, Ramón Oller, Joan Boix, Rodolfo Castellanos, Jeanie Solan, Matilde Van der Meerendonk, Pepe Hevia and Karemia Moreno.

In 2002 he obtained a grant from the Alicia Alonso Advanced Institute of Dance and also the audience award of the 6th City of Castellón Competition in the category of contemporary dance as well as the special award in the 1st Burgos-New York International Modern Dance Competition in this same year.

He has worked with the following companies: Metros, Lanomina Imperial, Norrdans, SYBAA, PlanB and the Steptex Dance Company.

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