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Álvaro Esteban López

He graduated from the Royal Conservatory of Professional Dance in Madrid, has graduated in massage and sports massage and holds a degree in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences obtained from INEF (the National Institute of Physical Education) in Madrid.

He has carried out permanent seminars on corporal expression and vertical dance. He has received classical dance classes with Ana Baselga, Víctor Álvarez and Silvia Mira and contemporary dance with Pedro Beräyes, José Reches, Cristine Tanguay.
He was a dancer in the opera Macbeth directed by Gerardo Vera, in the films Los dos lados de la cama (Both Sides of the Bed) by Emilio Martínez Lázaro, and Fados by Carlos Saura.

He was a dancer in the companies Larumbe Danza and Trasdanza and formed part of various Royal Conservatory of Professional Dance choreographic workshops in Madrid, as well as participating in the 3D Dance Festival in the New Creators Centre.

Between 2000 and 2005 he formed part of the cast of the group Corps carrying out different stagings that include vertical dance.

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