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TRADICCIÓN, Nova Galega de Danza

Nova Galega de Danzaís first production was Alento, which premiered at Madridís La Vaguada Theatre on 8 May 2003.

Nova Galega de Danza combines music and dance with essentially Galician roots. This project, an initiative created by artistic directors and choreographers Vicente Colomer and Jaime Pablo Díaz, in collaboration with musician and composer Xosé Lois Romero, finally came together following various years of hard work and efforts.

Runner up in the Galician Choreographic Creation Competition and 4th prize at the first edition of the Madrid Dance Marathon. Finalists at the 2002 edition of the National Spanish and Flamenco Dance Competition and the MAX Awards in the category for the best new show in 2005. The SGAE annual report also called them the most successful independent Galician dance company of the year.

The score for Alento, which came out in CD format as the end of 2005, received the Efe-Eme magazine Award for the Best Folk Album of 2005 (no. 75) and was nominated for a Spanish Music Academy Award in the category of Best Song in the Galician Language.

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