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Are we sure that we are living our lives the way we would like to? Are we in the right place and in the right way? Sex, money, personal satisfaction, family, profession, survival, tranquillity, comfort, work... these are all very current concepts and terms that are present in everyday life. Feelings of being used and of being incorporated into a social machine that normally neither provides satisfaction nor a sense of fulfilment in return.

We continue to fight to find the desired happiness in the same way that the roots of a tree continue to break through the asphalt laid on the surface. Kiosco das almas perdidas brings us closer to parallel realities within the fantasies of each person. It shows how those small moments of happiness make sense of our insignificant existence in some situations.

These days are confused times in which human values and ethics (or its lack) are also questioned. Is there room for altruism when our own space feels invaded? Might it not be time for a spiritual revolution when all the human principles and values seem to have lost their bearings? Does it form part of the nature of our existence or are we only concerned with our own individual pleasure ignoring universal natural laws? Do we know how to place limits upon our desires?

The Kiosco das almas perdidas is a hybrid show of dance, theatre, live music, illusion, video and animation. The stage performance reflects the metaphoric situation of some individuals who have been expelled, disconnected and abandoned by universal harmony. The new situation forces them to understand how to re-organise themselves, to find a formula for survival.

A Greater Force lost control and now there is no other solution than to get rid of them. This is how these characters come to find themselves in a place that they do not know, nor do they recognise the other individuals who are also in this same situation.

This is the starting point for a new generation. A generation of Lost Souls. A state in which to question oneself both personally and collectively on a constant basis. Questioning whether tangible life or the parallel life of ideas and desires is the priority. A state of spiritual revolution in which what has already been lived turns into a questionably valid premise.
Kiosko das almas

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