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FEMENINE, Paulo Ribeiro

Fernando Pessoa said: First and foremost I am a person who reasons, and, to make matters worse, I am also meticulous and analytical. The public is now capable of following an argument, and of giving their attention to an analysis.

Secondly, I am an analysis that seeks to discover the truth. Today the public no longer wishes to hear the truth if an untruth is more reassuring and pleasing. The problem is that the truth – and especially in terms of social issues – is always complex. Today the public is unable to comprehend complex ideas. What they need are simple ideas, vague generalities; in other words, lies albeit based on truth. Indeed, simplifying the complex, failing to differentiate between what must be differentiated, generalising where specification is needed, and ambiguity where accuracy is required; all this forms an essential part of lying.

And Paulo Ribeiro tells us: Where is the friction that leads to the sublime to be found? Which supposition embodies the essential movement? How can we, enslaved by time, perpetuate it? How can cloistering generate the opposite effect and routine clear-sightedness?

There are certain issues that accompany us throughout our lives; there are certain individuals that are omnipresent; certain doubts that should never be clarified: they are our reasons for maintaining our awareness. We have no need for answers. We need to be entranced; we need to become skilled in simplicity in order to distinguish what merely dazzles from multiplicity.

We make our choices, convinced that the secret of life is a utopia; we allow chaos to take charge without creating a fuss. We can identify with Pessoa’s overwhelming personality, because like him, we trace the same non-conformist route in order to continue our existence!

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