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Artists in Residence Programme

Artists in Residence Programme

Artists in Residency is an AGADIC programme managed by the Centro Coreográfico Galego and the Centro Dramático Galego with a specific purpose aiming to support artists or groups of artists who wish to develop either an investigation or creation project covering different fields such as theater , theater writing, circus, dance and any other arts of mouvement discipline ,as well as those artists who derive from other artistic disciplines currently involved in dance, theater, circus or arts of mouvement as a reference..
The ARTISTS IN RESIDENCY programme pretends to supply artists with
infraestructural resources, both technical and human, and therefore enable them to fully develop their investigation or creative activity. This which will encourage thus the(quitar) confrontation and exchange of ideas with other artists and will favour the sharing of different artistic lines of work.

To this end will support a maximum of 16 projects per year, which will have at their disposal:
Official announcement will be published on the AGADIC (Axencia Galega das Industrias Cultutais), CCG (Centro Coreográfico Galego) and
CDG (Centro Dramático Galego) websites: you may find there requirements and application deadlines for the Artists in Residency programme.

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